Real-time documentation
is the future

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Real-time documentation is the future

BlueTag provides systems that utilise real-time documentation to automate savings from administrative processes. A reduction in resource use and simplification for users can be achieved.

The challenge for major construction projects or public services is to identify problems before something goes wrong. BlueTag is designed to quite simply find errors, as documentation can be easily read online without the use of paper. By including users and public servants, documentation can be obtained in a much simpler and automatic manner.


BlueTag has unique features that link finances with operation. We believe that BlueTag was created to reduce the burden for public administration and to improve consumer perception when they find that services are of the highest quality.

The BlueTag IT system comes complete with customisation to any government department’s organisation. Dedicated training is provided for all parts of the organisation.

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Satisfies the certification criteria for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Can be adapted to other ISO standards.

Reduces administration time by 30-40%.

Includes a procedure/risk analysis module with integrated videos and images for ease of use.

Modules that automatically follow-up communication, making dealing with customers more efficient.

Information/sales campaigns with option for long campaigns. BlueTag follows up for you automatically.

Project management with video and text with full history accessible via a link.

E-mail system that follows automatically up if you receive no response.

Deviation system with integrated module for catalogues/video editing, dedicated communication with third parties.

Dedicated communication with customers and suppliers, including acceptance/approvals electronically.

Procurement module to ensure unnecessary conflicts with suppliers are avoided.

Accounts monitoring, with automatic alerts in the event of non-conformities.

Invoicing module with automatic reminders including interest and fees.

Deviation module for employees with clock-in via mobile phone that registers non-conformity for clock-in location and time.

Updates accounts in real-time down to order level.

Documents/files/images/video/email saved.

Dedicated system for system rights at detail level.

Accounts module that can yield savings of 30-50% with better controls. Financial control in real-time/forecast.

All company data saved in the system in the cloud.

Easy to block users and define various user rights.

Communicates with Altinn and banks.

Automatic deviation for late clock-in time and location, the same for clock-out time and location. Fulfils public sector requirements for time registration.

Overview of sick leave and holiday applications.

Deviation module for employees automatically advises the HR department of problems and action. BlueTag auto-generates first, second and final warnings, summons the employee to interview and can issue dismissal notice. The system determines guidelines.

Visual graphic reports showing company status (with plenty of emphasis on design/user-friendliness).

Real-time valuation.

Real-time financial reports for shareholders.

Automatic reconciliation for customers, suppliers and bank.

Our Development Department can provide customisation.


BlueTag is an ERP system that simplifies documentation and fulfils the criteria for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.


Examples of deployment of the BlueTag system for public departments.

One example is the police. When officers are out in the field they can receive details, addresses, images and documentation from control via their phones, iPad or PC of new missions. They can submit more data back to control in the form of images, reports and even questioning performed on the spot. They can also run through checklists or quality controls individually.

At the other end, detectives can receive freshly-updated case documents and evidence, ensuring rapid progress for the investigation. The case can then go to the public prosecution service who can benefit from a full history with better documentation, images and video to support decision-making. They have full details of who did what and at what time. When mistakes are made, they can be dealt with on the spot. BlueTag helps such public services to streamline their working methods by 50%.

Another example is janitor services. Users can quickly log faults backed up by images and documentation. The supervisor can receive the necessary documentation before call-out, saving time. Once the problem has been resolved, the details can be sent to anyone who needs notification complete with images, reports and documentation. Fully automatically.

To improve, measurement of customer satisfaction and efficiency is vital. With BlueTag, everything is measured automatically, and it is easy to spot where improvements can be made. The same applies to cost profiles, which are controlled fully automatically – e.g. for individual schools or buildings. Simple and automatically, with real-time documentation.

Public services generally do not measure customer satisfaction. BlueTag means the system does so automatically and everything can be set up according to individual requirements. Measurement of customer satisfaction is the key to knowing whether the public are satisfied with public services. BlueTag sets this up automatically with no need for extra administration.

Municipal departments have a lot in common with companies, as department heads and politicians compete for the available funding. By implementing BlueTag throughout a municipality, problems can be quickly spotted along with how to correct them. The same dataset can be used retrospectively to document positive feedback from users.

Using the systems gives politicians a new approach to the reality of running a municipality. BlueTag can also supply systems for electronic reconciliation when politicians want to hear public opinion before tackling important issues. And again, the whole procedure is performed automatically via BlueTag

The state has the same needs as local authorities. Implementation of BlueTag will ensure the efficient operation of local authorities and provide regular measurement of customer satisfaction from residents. Imagine the health minister having a list of people delighted with the Norwegian health service. A simple overview of where there are problems – and why. BlueTag can do this fully automatically. By using simple processes instead of top-heavy bureaucratic procedures, systems that do not work in practice can be avoided. The key lies in thinking simple, and automating tasks. The more manual options and functions an ERP system has, the fewer errors can occur.

BlueTag gathers data from users, local authorities and politicians. Once the data are gathered, BlueTag can be programmed to provide the information needed and when. The key is to not generate complicated graphs or records, but to improve current services. Records can be of interest, but you can never go back in time to change a result. But you can in the future! Real-time documentation with BlueTag solves this problem and gives the authority a vital tool for improvement.

We believe that implementation of BlueTag in local authorities and government departments is the way to ensure satisfied citizens and governments that remain in power for long periods. Very few surveys of customer satisfaction are conducted at local authority and state level at this time. This is an issue that BlueTag can address whilst saving resources and make improvements to services. 



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