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BlueTag can significantly streamline running a company with its functions

The most important difference between BlueTag and e.g. SAP is that it is based on real-time documentation, and is much simpler to use. BlueTag can provide an overview of all levels of an organisation in real-time. The same applies to finances.

Information is retrieved directly from personnel when reports and images provide information for customers and other requirements. Duplication of work when two people are preparing documentation is virtually eliminated – generating savings. Better flow in documentation makes all management functions simpler.

The BlueTag IT system comes complete with customisation to any company’s organisation or sector. Dedicated training is provided for all parts of the organisation.

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BlueTag makes it possible to reduce administration for large organisations

A company in growth is usually divided into departments and extra middle management is recruited. This is an expensive way to grow, with a number of inherent risk factors. Profit normally drops significantly controlling growth in this way. BlueTag makes it possible to cope without increasing the number of administration personnel. That’s because BlueTag has automatic functions that are normally performed by personnel.

Large companies need assistance and implementation of the system. We provide a dedicated consultant from the start to work with the customer, able to provide adaptation and training.

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Satisfies the certification criteria for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001. Can be adapted to other ISO standards.

Reduces administration time by 30-40%.

Includes a procedure/risk analysis module with integrated videos and images for ease of use.

CRM with modules to follow up on all quotes given automatically and make sales more efficient.

Sales module with option for setting up long campaigns. BlueTag follows up for you automatically.

Link with quote video and text, with customer history.

E-mail system that follows automatically up if you receive no response.

Deviation system with integrated module for catalogues/video editing, dedicated communication with customers and suppliers.

Dedicated communication with customers and suppliers, including acceptance/approvals electronically.

Procurement module to ensure unnecessary conflicts with suppliers are avoided.

Accounts monitoring, with automatic alerts in the event of deviations.

Invoicing module with automatic reminders including interest and fees.

Deviation module for employees with clock-in via mobile phone that registers deviations for clock-in location and time.

Updates accounts in real-time down to order level.

Documents/files/images/video/email saved.

Dedicated system for user rights at detail level.

Accounts module that can yield savings of 30-50% with better controls. Financial control in real-time/forecast.

All company data saved in the system in the cloud.

Easy to block users and define various user rights.

Communicates with Altinn and bank systems.

Automatic deviations for late clock-in and wrong location. The same for clock-out, time and location. Fulfils public sector requirements for time registration.

Overview of sick leave and holiday applications.

Deviation module for employees automatically advises the HR department of problems and action. BlueTag auto-generates first, second and final warnings, summons the employee to interview and can issue dismissal notice. The system determines guidelines.

Visual graphic reports showing company status (with plenty of emphasis on design/user-friendliness).

Valuation in real-time.

Financial reports for shareholders in real-time.

Automatic reconciliation for customers, suppliers, bank.

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BlueTag is an ERP system that simplifies documentation and fulfils the criteria for ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.



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