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BlueTag – Real time documentation system

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BlueTag is an ERP business system based on real-time documentation. BlueTag gives your company a quality management system that meets the requirements of ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001.

The main thing about BlueTag is that it cuts down the time you spend on documentation. This is unique to BlueTag, saving administration work and in fact reducing time spent on documentation and administration. Development has been continuous since 1992 and all functions have been tested in companies during development, to prove its efficiency. Even before it was launched, BlueTag had won several awards for its unique features.

Real-time documentation

Users and external personnel can update using reports, images and video clips every day. No delays. Communication with suppliers and customers in real-time.

HSE/Quality Management

Using BlueTag means that you automatically meet the requirements for and can document quality management to customers and users, plus manage HSE within the company.

Total financial control

BlueTag provides full overview of the accounts, with profit/loss statements and balance sheet updated 100% every day. It also provides projected income and outgoings automatically.

ISO standard

Fulfil ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 easily by entering data into the system.

Personnel management

Personnel can always access details of pay/hours/non-conformities, and the administration department has a tool for personnel management.

Free support

BlueTag has free support. Users can also be provided with customised solutions. 


Unique real time documentation

Documentation requirements have grown in every industry - particularly within oil and gas. BlueTag breaks down the amount of documentation whilst ensuring that you meet all requirements. Innovation created by BlueTag - a troubleshooter for companies all over the world.

We believe that BlueTag can make the world a better place by making life easier for the people running companies and providing services, giving them more time to make great products and provide top services - something to the benefit of us all in the long run.

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Tailored for communication

BlueTag is based on real-time documentation and communicates with private and public sector systems. Exciting integration with ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and OHSAS 18001 certification means that we believe BlueTag will become an industry standard in the future, making life easier for companies and public authorities.

We believe that we have created something fantastic.


BlueTag is a fantastic program!


Behind BlueTag

is a group of founding companies within 10 speciality fields. The collective aim was to cut out all the wasted time spent on dealing with mandatory requirements and internal personnel management. A new business growing from 5-50 employees will often experience major problems related to running the company. In fact, that’s the reason that only 3 out of 10 start-ups survive past their first 3 years, and only 1 in 10 survive more than 5 years. The BlueTag project was designed to change that to 7 out of 10 surviving.

Many larger and well-established companies use systems such as SAP. They have dedicated employees at every level making the process easier, but often at the expense of the bottom line. One of the objectives of BlueTag was that one person should be able to manage all the administration of a company with a turnover of NOK 30-40 million. Such a company could be a provider of demanding services with major seasonal fluctuations.

Tests were run over a number of years resulting in the testbed company successfully reducing personnel management from 7 to 2 people. Savings total over NOK 2 million per year. The Managing Director also confirmed that he was finally able to plan for the future and had full control.

BlueTag has definitely become something new and unique, with functions superior to other systems. After over 100,000 working hours, we were able to prove economists and banks wrong. We had a clear vision and with support from Innovasjon Norge, we achieved our target in 2015. We believe that BlueTag will change the traditional way of thinking about running a company or public service.



Corporate responsibility

BlueTag will be a system with functions that make an impact on society thanks to innovation and values. BlueTag will be one of the cornerstones of society, contributing to stable jobs and support for the managers and owners of companies and government departments. BlueTag will be one of the most efficient systems, and places a lot of focus on customisation for users. That’s where the rewards of efficiency can be reaped, and more time gained to think in terms of quality, HSE and protecting the environment.


What does BlueTag cost?

Price per user

The company/organisation can enrol and delete users every month, and only pay for those registered in the system each month.

1-10 users
NOK 495 per user

10-20 users
NOK 395 per user

20-50 users
NOK 295 per user

Over 50 users
NOK 195 per user

Mandatory server safety certificate (SSL)
from NOK 149,- per month

Please tell me more!

All modules are included in BlueTag

 CRM included

E-mail system included

Project management included

Deviation system included

Procedure system included

Payroll system included

Accounting system included

Finance system included


Data storage price NOK 5,- per GB per month
Data storage on server

Special adaptation from NOK 595,- per hour
Extra consultancy, customisation of design or functions.

Monthly payments, due after 14 days.

The company/organisation can enrol and delete users every month, and only pay for those registered in the system each month.

12 month agreements.

3 months notice.

Minimum one user will be invoiced for every month during the contract period.

All prices on this page, listed ex VAT.






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