Over view

This image shows the overview when you have opened an order in the system.

Here you have everything for a job / order. On top you’ll see contacts and the economic details. You will find real-time financial overview, where all costs from suppliers will be uploaded, from the supplier to the correct order. Since all personnel stamps hours, this is also measured against the economy every day.

Invoicing is also done in the order view. In this way, you’ll easily get an total overview of the economy. Divergence in economy creates deviations. In the same view you will also send requisitions. You see all invoices from suppliers and invoices to customers, including sales articles. You can also do crediting directly.

You will also find an overview of all timesheets for this job, registered with GPS which shows when all personnel started the job, and where they did on the map.

Deviations will also be placed here.

You will find all e-mail communication directly on the order. Job Information to the customer, with links to send easily and directly to the customer.

You can create catalogs with pictures, videos and documents.

You will also find all job reports on the order. The personnel on this job, uploads pictures / videos / documents and reports directly from the workplace.

At the bottom you have the an overview of procedures used for this job.

In other words, here you have everything in one place. Remember that when you create a new order, you can create and take advantage of ready-made templates. In that way, a complicated order with much documentation is created in about 10 seconds.

It’s of course possible to customize this view for your needs.

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