Sending offers to customers

You send offers to customers simply by clicking on a special send-button directly from the order you have created. The customer receives an e-mail where he can click on the offer link, and he will get to see a nice website with all the offer information. This offer page can be customized for the company.

On the offer page you can embed video, text, documents and more. In addition to this the customer will gain access to your company procedures. This assures the customer that he should choose you.

Should you be unfortunate to have missed something in the offer, then you can easily correct it directly. The offer page always shows the last version you have stored and made available for the customer.

An accepting the offer button can also be implemented. It’s possible to do signing with bankID.

Before you start making offers, you have to create offer templates. When templates are created and done, complex offers are completed in 2 minutes.

The templates can be changed all the way and sharpened so that they become better and better, depending what experience you get with what template works best.

Maybe the best thing about the offer module, is that the system follows up the offers automatically, based on the dates you set for following up. From start date the system will send a reminder once every week.

You decide the text in the subject field and inside the e-mail of course, on each reminder. This is set up in advance.

In short. Sales is all about following up, and first impressions. BlueTag offers a unique system for following up, in comparison to other systems.

Offer view

Offer view

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