A unique built-in e-mail system

Via the menu item e-mail you can send and receive e-mail. You can link e-mail against orders, distribute and share to other system users + +.

This e-mail system works much like MS Outlook as most people know from before. But BlueTags e-mail system has some advantages Outlook does not have. For example, you can easily move or share an e-mail to other employees, without having to forward the e-mail.

When an email is sent by the e-mail module or orders / deviations, the reply will also answer come to your e-mail, in addition to stored at customer / contact any order / deviation. Your user is always connected with what you do in the system. This is unique and of great help when several people are communicating on the same project / order.

You can save documents received by e-mail, in your user folder on the server without having cache it on your own computer. Everything happens and is stored in the cloud.

Using BlueTag means that you do not need to have World, Excel, Powerpoint etc installed. You only need a PC with internet, or smartphone or tablet.

BlueTag also offers customization of the e-mail system if needed. 

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