Sales and informational campaigns (CRM)

This module sets up easy to use template-based sales or information campaigns, with built in time schedule.

In this part you can prepare as many e-mail campaigns you want. In addition you can set up the number of days between the sendouts.

You can easily select customers / suppliers from the system, or find e-mails addresses that you simply drop into the address field. The messages will be sent automatically. If a receiver responds to a campaign, you just as easily remove them from the list.

The point is that in sales, it’s about following up, with many inquiries, and of course with useful and right information. Find out what information your customers want and easily create your campaign. In this part of the program you have full control over the result. This is somewhat similar to how Facebook does this, only more personal and targeted.

The goal when this module was made, was that your company should not need sales personnel. With BlueTag you only need someone who does a job out of finding the e-mail addresses. The you are good to go.

All sales messages should be personal, not to be perceived as spam or a newsletter.

The system can also be used as newsletters module or reminder thingy, wishing your customers marry Christmas or wishing them a nice summer for example.

Do you have challenges following up your customers today? For making BlueTag work, you only need to use one day to make everything in the system ready. Then you don’t have to think more about it the rest of the year.

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