Deviations are dealt with according to the requirements defined in the ISO standards. There are multiple options for choosing which type of action to take.

One of the best features of BlueTag’s deviations management is that you can set up catalogues with photos, video and documents for each case. You can add photos, videos and documents to the case comments. This makes dealing with deviations easy to read and deal with. A picture speaks a 1000 words!

You can sort non-conformity type and of course there are search functions to find cases, people and events etc. in the deviations lists. You can also enter details of financial losses.

You can simply forward a case by clicking on “Send deviations by mail». The recipient will receive a mail with a link to the entire case. All case documentation can be easily sent even if the deviation contains large volumes of video clips and images. You can edit and add information retrospectively.
All activity for each case is logged and listed separately in the case.

The deviations module can be customised.

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